Cylinders are the workhorse of all hydraulic systems the produce linear motion & com in many varieties. This can be based on

  • Required force
  • Stroke
  • Environmental conditions
  • Budget
  • Different types for specific applications such as
    • Telescopic
    • Industrial
    • Heavy industry
    • Double/single acting

Below is some standard cylinder product ranges designed for common applications.

Double-Acting Cylinders

Double-acting cylinders are hydraulically powered in both directions. Double-acting cylinders are used where the cylinder will be mounted in a horizontal position or if greater control of the cylinder retraction is required. Many transport hydraulic applications utilise double-acting cylinders, such as hook lift/skip bin loaders, tilt trays, car carriers, low loaders, garbage trucks, side tippers and cranes.

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Single-Acting Cylinders

Single-acting cylinders, commonly referred to as rams or hoists, are extended by applying oil flow to the base of the cylinder, which will push the cylinder’s piston and extend the rod. To retract, the single-acting cylinder relies on gravity, weight or other opposing force. This type of cylinder is most commonly used on tipper bodies (usually a single-acting telescopic cylinder).

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Multi-Stage (Telescopic) Cylinders

Multi-stage (telescopic) cylinders are used where a large stroke is required, but a short-collapsed height is advantageous. While available as double acting, the most common use is for the single-acting versions on tipping bodies. In this application, three styles are available:


The underbody for use on small to medium trucks.

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The outer cover (or front of the body) for use on medium to large tippers.

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The outer cover (or front of the body) for use on medium to large tippers.

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NFPA Cylinders

NFPA cylinders are high-performance cylinders that operate at various pressures up to 3000 PSI. They feature higher operating speeds and reduced hydraulic shock in some applications> NFPA cylinders also have a selection of different rod diameters for each size and rod and piston end cushions available. Your hydraulic cylinder needs are covered with 18 different mounting styles for the 3000 PSI series and 16 for the 1000 PSI series models. Typically, these cylinders have shorter envelope dimensions and are manufactured to specification and order. These are rarely available off the shelf and are generally more expensive than other cylinders.

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Industrial Cylinders

The Cross range of Industrial cylinders can be Double or single-acting cylinders with a range of flange mounts, round or square, front or rear mounted. This range of cylinders offers a low to medium-cost solution when compared to custom-made or NFPA. This cylinder is still manufactured to specification and orders.

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Custom Made Cylinders

These cylinders are generally designed for specific tasks and could include many features not available in standard/semi-standard cylinders. They are usually more expensive and have lengthy manufacturing lead times.

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High-Pressure cylinders (Up to 700 bar)

We stock and supply a range of high-pressure cylinders, pumps and controls. These are generally used in slow-moving lifting or jacking applications. There is a range of sizes and different configurations.

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