Hydreco Powauto is the designer, manufacturer and distributor of products servicing the transport hydraulics industry. Hydreco has a combined history of 100 years in developing solutions through a rich heritage of legacy companies. This rich history of operation within the hydraulics industry has helped build a world-class reputation for Hydreco and its distributors.

Statewide Hydraulics is a service, sales and distribution centre for the impressive product range manufactured by Hydreco Powauto. This range covers power take-off units, pumps, valves, cylinders and accessories for on and off-road vehicles. Whether you need couplings, oil tanks or valves that vary in operation (from manual to pneumatic control), our team will be able to help you find them.

You can explore more Hydreco Powauto products below, or get in touch with us to receive a Hydreco catalogue.

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Statewide Hydraulics

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