STAUFF has manufactured quality hydraulic components and systems for the last 50 years. They maintain a global network of sales and system partners in 18 countries around the world, including Statewide Hydraulics in Australia. Quality-endorsed in accordance with ISO 9001:2015, STAUFF products have been tested and approved for quality assurance by multiple international organisations.

Statewide Hydraulics stocks a vast variety of STAUFF products, including clamps, test couplings, filters for hydraulic and lubrication oils, pressure gauges, valves, accumulators, and hydraulic accessories – just to name a few. We offer many specialist variations on these key products to suit the needs of different projects and workshops.


STAUFF  Clamps

STAUFF  Clamps have been successfully tested and approved by several international organisations. Apart from the technical sophistication, the global availability with branches and distributors in all industrial countries and the second-to-none delivery are only some of the main reasons to pick STAUFF Clamps for your application.

STAUFF guarantees prompt service, even for special constructions according to customer`s specifications or based on STAUFF developments.

Components and systems for the quick and easy, as well as secure installation of pipes, tubes, hoses, cables and other flexible and rigid components with outside diameters up to 1016 mm / 40.00 inch.


STAUFF TEST stands for a varied spectrum of screw-in test couplings and test couplings for tube fittings, which are oriented to international standards and therefore guaranteed to comply with the requirements of applications all over the world.

The extensive range of accessories, including measuring hoses and pressure gauges (mechanical and digital/electronic) means that the initial test couplings fitted onto machines and service kits with measuring instruments can be obtained from a single source.

Our well-stocked warehouse and flexible production line ensure prompt reactions and short delivery times. Furthermore, special versions that have been tailored to customer-specific requirements are available to order.

Test couplings, test hoses, measuring devices and accessories for leak-free pressure monitoring, venting and obtaining of representative fluid samples in fluid power applications.

STAUFF Filtration

STAUFF Filtration Technology Products include Pressure Filters, Return Line Filters, Replacement Filter Elements, Offline & Bypass systems, and Spin-On Filters for various hydraulic and lubrication oils.

STAUFF manufactures more than 10000 different elements and has the technical expertise and quality production to provide superior filter elements for the STAUFF original filter housings while maintaining or surpassing the original performance.

STAUFF Diagtronics

The STAUFF Diagtronics programme provides components and services for monitoring and analysing hydraulic fluids in mobile and industrial hydraulic systems.

The range includes analogue and digital pressure gauges and hydraulic testers to high-precision laser particle counters.

Analogue and digital measuring devices for monitoring the essential parameters in mobile and industrial hydraulics: Pressure, differential pressure, temperature, flow, fluid level, contamination and much more.

Hydraulic Accessories

Whether you require visual or visual/electrical fluid level and temperature indicators, tank filler breathers, air breathers to protect your reservoir from contamination and moisture, or Accumulators for providing safety and power in Hydraulic systems. STAUFF Hydraulic Accessories will provide you with the product you need! The programme is rounded off by suction strainers and diffusors that are positioned within the reservoir and connected directly to the suction and return lines.

Components for the construction of tanks, reservoirs, power packs and gear boxes in industrial and mobile hydraulics.


STAUFF’s hydraulic accumulators are designed to store energy, regulate the performance and enhance the operational efficiency of hydraulic systems. Available in a comprehensive range of sizes, materials, port configurations and pressure ratings, STAUFF accumulators are suitable for pressure storage, backup energy for emergency and safety functions, absorbing hydraulic shock, noise reduction, and dampening pump pulsations and fluctuations. STAUFF accumulators also provide excellent gas and fluid separation, ensuring dependable performance, maximum efficiency and an increased service life of machinery.

Bladder and diaphragm accumulators for providing safety and power in hydraulic systems; Accumulator clamps and mounting brackets as well as pre-loading and checking sets.


With the Valves product range, STAUFF provides access to a comprehensive range of manually operated valves for regulating, throttling and shutting off fluid media in industrial and mobile hydraulics.

This includes two-way, three-way and multi-way ball valves of various designs and sizes made of steel or stainless steel for medium and high pressure applications.

The programme is rounded off by flow control valves (such as throttle valves and check valves) for in-line assembly, manifold mounting and cartridge assembly, as well as single-station and multi-station gauge isolator valves.

For special applications, STAUFF is able to provide technically modified products that will, for example, cover extreme pressure ranges up to 800 bar /12000 PSI and temperatures up to +500°C / +930°F. Even for these special constructions, STAUFF guarantees prompt service.

Manually operated ball valves and flow control valves for in-line assembly, manifold mounting and cartridge assembly for regulating, throttling and shutting off fluid media in industrial and mobile hydraulics.

Fluid Connectors

The STAUFF Fluid Connectors programme provides access to a comprehensive range of STAUFF Connect tube fittings according to DIN 2353 / ISO 8434-1, single-part and multi-part SAE flange connectors in the standard and high pressure series according to ISO 6162-1/2:2006 and SAE J518 C respectively as well as various types and design of gear pump flanges in accordance with German and Italian connection standards.

STAUFF offers a range of supplementary accessories such as O-ring kits, pre-assembly tools, measuring technology, tube clamps, non-return valves, tube and hose assemblies.

STAUFF Fluid Connector Systems offer superior performance, as well as lower assembly and operating costs suitable in a broad range of mobile and industrial equipment

Complete range of mild steel and stainless steel tube connectors, end forming connectors, flanges quick release couplings, instrumentation fittings, steel and stainless steel tube and fitting accessories, including tube bending and end forming machinery for all industrial applications.

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