Sun Hydraulics is a leading designer and manufacturer of high-performance screw-in hydraulic cartridge valves and manifolds that control force, speed and motion as integral components in fluid power systems. In business since 1970 and a public company since 1997, Sun sells its products globally, primarily through independent distributors, to diverse markets of mobile and industrial equipment and machinery manufacturers.

At Statewide Hydraulics, we maintain an ample supply of all Sun products, making us one of the leading Sun Hydraulic stockists in Australia. We don’t just stock and supply Sun products, either; we offer complete end-to-end service from initial design, installation and ongoing maintenance of your Sun products and manifold.

Not sure how to identify Sun cartridges and valve bodies? Take a look at our guide by clicking here.

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Cartridge valves

The benefit of a Sun Hydraulics cartridge valve is its extreme flexibility. They offer five different valve sizes – each of which can be interchanged without losing performance quality. With five different sizes to choose from your needs are sure to be met with one of Sun’s cartridge valves. They’re also able to operate at pressures of up to 5000 psi and featured optimised port connections.

Flows from .25 ltr/min to 1,200 ltr/min

Operating Pressures from 6 bar to 420 Bar

6 basic sizes

Over 1,000 valve combinations

Over 1,000 standard bodies

Thousands of special valve and manifold combinations available

Download how to identify components PDF

Specialised Manifold & Cartridge Solutions

Sun’s range of manifold solutions are expertly crafted and are available in both aluminium and ductile iron. Aluminium manifolds can operate at pressures of up to 3000 psi, whereas ductile iron can operate up to 5000 psi. The defining feature that separates Sun’s manifolds from other brands is the fact that they engineer their manifolds to suit specific applications with custom requirements.

Unique company branding

Light weight

Compact – save space

Reduce leak points & joints

Save time & cost

Dedicated circuit


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