Statewide Hydraulics do different custom-made cylinder designs for special applications; designing hydraulic cylinders requires careful consideration of multiple factors, and neglecting any of them can lead to design mistakes.

All custom-manufactured cylinders need to be purpose-designed and built, therefore, communication of your needs with our staff is imperative.

Some of the critical design criteria to consider include:

  • Working conditions: Hydraulic cylinders operate under different conditions depending on the industry, application, and environment. Designers must consider factors like corrosive environments, falling rocks, high working cycles, and underwater conditions to ensure the cylinder can handle the load and function as intended.
  • Stroking distance requirements: The system pressure and stroke length are crucial factors that impact the choice of design elements and cylinder parts. Longer stroke lengths may require a larger cylinder size than what the pressure levels would evaluate.
  • Temperature: High and low temperatures affect the fluid choices and the “hard” and “soft” design components of cylinders. Extreme temperature conditions require components that perform well in the short- and long-term.
  • Speed: The system sliding speed is another essential factor to consider when selecting suitable cylinder parts. Standard hydraulic cylinder seals can handle rates up to 0.5 meters per second, and for higher speeds, a standard low-friction seal is the better choice.
  • Capacity: Heavy-duty applications require hydraulic cylinders with a working pressure of 200 to 350 bars. In some special cases, the testable pressure limits can go up to 700 bars.
  • Mounting styles: Every mounting type comes with benefits and limitations. There are three categories of mounting styles: fixed, pivot, and selected types that support the entire cylinder below the cylinder centerline.
  • Cylinder bore size: The amount of push or pull force required determines the bore size needed, which is then related to operating pressure

NFPA Cylinders

NFPA cylinders are high-performance cylinders that operate at various pressures up to 3000 PSI. They feature higher operating speeds and reduced hydraulic shock in some applications. NFPA cylinders also have a selection of different rod diameters for each size, and rod and piston end cushions are available. Your hydraulic cylinder needs are covered with 18 different mounting styles for the 3000 PSI series and 16 for the 1000 PSI series models. Typically, these cylinders have shorter envelope dimensions and are manufactured to specification and order. These are rarely available off the shelf and are generally more expensive than other cylinders.

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