Hydraulic Cylinder Repair

Strip & Assess

We strip and inspect your hydraulic cylinder, evaluating all components prior to repair; all cylinders are fully tested for external leaks and by-pass on completion.

Our nut-breaking machine is used to disassemble, reassemble cylinders, rods and pistons safely without the risk of damage to your cylinder. It is also used in final testing procedures


Seal wear can occur due to factors such as cylinder cycles, age, oil contamination and temperature. While this is the usual reason for seal failure in cylinders, other issues such as rod & gland damage need to be checked.


We check & repair barrels as required

  • Honing
  • Dimensional check
  • Re-barrel


Rod damage such as broken, bent and scored rods is a regular occurrence. Rods can be

  • Replaced, or
  • Repaired [re-chrome & grind]

Piston & Gland

Glands and pistons can also wear, particularly in harsh working conditions. We can modify or replace them to ensure proper clearance and optimal cylinder operation.

Cylinder Mounting & Connections

Cylinder mounting is usually achieved through, pins, trunnions, tabs, bolts, bearings, flanges, or bushings. Failure of these components will cause cylinder misalignment and result in major damage.


Final testing is carried out on your cylinder according to specifications. Upon successful testing, we can prime, paint, and package the cylinder for shipping.

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