Statewide Hydraulics Supply and Install Mobile Height limiters

Our Height limiters will suit Excavators and Vehicle mounted cranes

There are two Height Limiter Safety solutions available to you.

The first is a locally manufactured unit, produced to meet Australian standards, these are entry level systems with some of the bells and whistles of the more advanced Ultimate Nijhuis Engineering system.

Statewide Hydraulics have been installing and recommending height limiters to our customers for years, talk to us about what is the best solution for your fleet and operators.

What is a Height Limiter and Why do Do We Recommend using them?

A height and depth limiter is a standard option on the Helics related safety systems and can be selected and adjusted from the cabin. Just before reaching the required maximum height or depth, the movement will slow down and stop at the programmed max height or depth.




The working area limiter is easy to use and can prevent damage to the machine or surrounding. When reaching the set maximum or minimum range, the movement upper structure is hydraulically disabled. The opposite movement is still possible. A shut-off valve will be fitted placed in the servo system. The detection of the maximum corners takes place by means of a  mechanical switch, which is activated along a switching strip. The exact value that the shutdown is to take place is mechanically adjustable.

Selection  of the radius limitation can easily be done by a switch in the cab. A light in the switch indicates when the flight limiter is activated.

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