Whenever an earth-moving machine is rated to move more than 1000 kg, it is required to be fitted with a hose burst valve.

These valves are designed specifically to protect both personnel and the machine in case a hydraulic hose bursts. They are actually required to be fitted on key hydraulic cylinders by AS 1418.8 section 5.4.3.

Hose burst valves reduce the risk of components such as dipper arms collapsing under pressure. If the event that a hydraulic hose fails then these valves will stop the dipper arm from moving downwards. It is a key safety component for any earth-moving hydraulic machine.



Nijhuis ESVB hose burst protection system is a unique and innovative system that relies on a set of electronically controlled non-return valves. These systems comply with both AS 1418.5and ISO 8643. This particular hose burst system features a sensor that constantly monitors the condition of the loaded hoses and allows the oil to flow through it – provided the hydraulic lines are in good condition.

If a hose break occurs, then the non-return valve immediately closes which reduces the amount of lubricant that is spilled whilst locking up the moving arm component. This ESVB system is compatible with a variety of machines with an oil flow range of between 40 – 1,000 litres/minutes. If required, special systems are available that can reach 3,000 litres/minute.

Statewide Hydraulics supply and fit Nijhuis Hose Bust Protection Systems. Chat to our technicians to find out if the ESVB system is best for you.


Hose Burst Protection TMA & Tiger Systems

Statewide Hydraulics still holds stock for Tiger and TMA Hoseburst systems – which are no longer manufactured – and can supply them to you if required. Of course, in most cases, the Nijhuis product will be completely interchangeable as they’re the original manufacturers.

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