A hydraulic power unit consists of a hydraulic pump that is driven by an external source to produce flow and pressure. The flow and pressure is then driven through control valves to drive actuators, hydraulic cylinders to produce a reciprocating motion and hydraulic motors to produce a rotary motion.

All systems need an oil supply which is determined by size, type, force, speed and several actuators to be moved. The simplest of these systems would be a small 12 or 24-volt power unit to drive a small tipping trailer up to the largest earth-moving machines, with several actuators. Both of these are rotary and linear and use 100’s of Kilowatts of power to drive them.

All power units will be driven by some sort of engine:

  • DC electric power.
  • 240 volts AC power.
  • 3 phase power.
  • Petrol & diesel engines.

All power units – regardless of size – are specifically designed to suit any particular application. If you’re not capable of calculating flow rates, load, forces and pressure within your system, then

Statewide have the expertise to assist you.

At Statwide, we have experience in designing and supplying power unit solutions with all these drive options. There are many low-cost standard products available that can be adapted to various common applications. Give us a call to see how we can help you.

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