A hydraulic cylinder is a mechanical actuator that creates a linear, unidirectional force through either a push or pull motion.

Often considered the powerhouse of the industrial world, it is powered by hydrostatic energy – which is the blend of pressurised fluid and the rate that it moves at. The force from the fluid is what pushes the piston and rod forward. Different types of hydraulic cylinders are built to suit various applications – so it’s crucial that you select the appropriate type of cylinder for what you need. Selecting the wrong cylinder could cost you time and money.

Statewide Hydraulics service, supply and stock a complete range of hydraulic cylinders for different applications from leading brands including Hydreco, NFPA, Ezifit and AG.

Download AG Cylinders PDF

Things you should consider when purchasing a hydraulic cylinder:

  • The force required;
  • The operating speed;
  • Rod buckling forces;
  • Hoop strength;
  • Accuracy of movement;
  • Cushions;
  • Operating temperature;
  • Type of fluid used; and
  • Other system requirements.


Telescopic Cylinders

Telescopic cylinders are quite unique as they have around four to five rods of varying lengths within what is called a sleeve. The rods extend – the longest first and shortest last – one after the other. This is also known as a multistage cylinder as each rod is its own stage and is great for achieving long strokes. Both single and double acting options are available.

Single Acting Telescopic Cylinder

We supply and recommend Hydreco single acting telescopic cylinders.

Double Acting Telescopic Cylinder

We supply and recommend Hydreco double acting telescopic underbody hoist cylinders.

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Single Acting Cylinders (RAM)

Alternatively known as a RAM, a single acting cylinder only takes pressurised fluid from one end. This makes it great for extending the piston, however, the cylinder is unable to retract the piston without an external force.

Double Acting Cylinders

The defining feature of a double acting hydraulic cylinder is that it takes fluid from both ends to retract and extend the piston. The two fluids work simultaneously on opposite sides of the piston. This comes in handy when no external force is available to retract the piston. It is available in both a single and double rod option.

NFPA Cylinders

NFPA cylinders are high-performance cylinders that operate at various pressures up to 3000 PSI. They feature high operating speeds as well as reduced hydraulic shock. NFPA cylinders also have a selection of different rod diameters for each size as well as rod and piston end cushions available. With 18 different mounting styles for the 3000 PSI series and 16 styles for the 1000 PSI series models – your hydraulic cylinder needs are covered.


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