Piston motors are available in axial and radial types. We also stock fixed and variable displacement axial piston motors that operate at high, medium or low speeds, with a bent axis or swash plate. The piston motors we stock are explained in further detail below.

  • Bent axis, fixed displacement piston motor: This motor has the same structural principles as the fixed displacement piston pump with a bent axis. The variable displacement type is also available in our stock. The motor can have a bent axis angle of up to 40 degrees and is generally suitable for high-speed operation.
  • Swash plate piston motor: This high-speed motor is based on a structure similar to that of a fixed displacement swash plate pump. The motor can provide a good low-speed performance when it starts, too.
  • Eccentric radial piston motor: This motor is widely known as star-shaped motor. It has several fixed cylinders situated perpendicularly on the output shaft in a radial pattern. The flow is fed or discharged to and from the cylinders through a distributor valve, which is connected to the shaft with a swivel joint. When hydraulic pressure is applied to the piston, it reciprocates and pushes the eccentric cam on the shaft to produce torque. This motor is designed for low-speed, high-torque application.
  • Multi-stroke radial piston motor: This motor has a piston placed in the direction of the radius of the shaft with a cam roller. The piston moves on the patterned cam ring to produce torque. This motor can offer a larger displacement capacity than that of any other hydraulic motor. It is often used in winches and crushing machines.

To learn more about the piston motors we stock and service, contact our technicians today.

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