RYCO Hydraulic Hoses

Statewide Hydraulics uses RYCO hydraulic hoses because their diverse catalogue with varying pressures guarantees optimal usage for a variety of situations.

For over 70 years they have been manufacturing hydraulic hoses and fittings and continue to do so in an innovate manner.

A full range of hoses and fittings are available.

Hose Kits

If you’re looking for a full hydraulic hose kit, then Statewide can take care of you. We manufacture hose kits for original equipment manufacturers – that way you don’t have to pick and choose and worry about not getting the right components for your system.




RYCO Couplings

RYCO offer state-of-the-art coupling solutions and feature a fantastic range of couplings – including their BITELOK one-piece and two-piece crimp couplings.

The BITELOK crimp couplings are permanently attached hose fittings and are assembled with a hose crimper.

RYCO Adaptors

Hydraulic adaptors are essential to getting your hoses, pipes and tubes into your hydraulic system. We stock the full range of RYCO hydraulic adaptors which are available in several thread and connector types including:

  • BSP;
  • NPT & NPSM;
  • JIC;
  • Metric;
  • ORFS;
  • SAE threads;
  • SAE flanges;
  • Swivel joints;
  • UNO;

RYCO Accessories

Our catalogue of RYCO accessories ranges from mounting clamps to quick release couplings. Get in touch with one of our technicians to work out exactly what the right sort of RYCO accessory is for you and your application.

RYCO Filters & Reservoir Accessories

When hydraulic fluid is reused within a system it can often be contaminated, affected the quality of the fluid. Using a filter will trap the particles in a reservoir to ensure that clean fluid is reintroduced into your hydraulic system. RYCO’s high quality and efficient filters have been tested to ensure that your fluid is free of any particle contamination.

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