Hydraulic Circuit & Power Unit Design

There’s a reason that Statewide are the hydraulic experts. Our valuable industry experience allows us to do all the thinking, so you won’t have to. It’s one thing to take a pump, valve and cylinder and put it together – but it’s another art altogether to do that and have it function.

Some issues we’ve come across in our long tenure include hydraulic systems not being able to lift the load, moving to slow or running hot after a few minutes of use. These issues can be easily avoided with a correctly and efficiently designed hydraulic system.

At Statewide Hydraulics, we can help you by engineering the optimal solution for your specific need. Whether you require a special manifold valve, complete power unit and system or mobile and transport equipment solutions (such as road rollers, tip trucks and cranes) – we’re happy to supply you with the relevant, specialised equipment.

The following issues are common within hydraulic systems:

  • High speeds and/or forces
  • Understanding of various types of systems
  • Inefficient energy utilisation
  • Low heat generation
  • Simultaneous movements
  • Loads moving through an arc
  • The type of control
  • Gravitational forces.

If any of these issues are occurring, then your system should be assessed – especially since some of them are mandatory under AS 1418. It’s crucial to note that some of these issues – such as the controlling of gravitational forces – are major OH&S concerns and may pose risks to the operators or supervisors. Our team of technicians and fluid power engineers know their way around circuit and power unit designs – enabling them to correctly set and adjust any machine system.

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Incorrect settings on your hydraulic system can be responsible for several operational issues, such as hose bursts or machinery breakdowns. Something as simple as an incorrect component setting or wrong product fitting can, for example, cause performance issues, and in some cases, health and safety risks for all those involved in your project.

A large portion of our design work involves modifying and re-engineering existing machinery so that it meets current OH&S regulations while reducing operational costs. Our service team is fully qualified to handle your hydraulic design needs and are committed to delivering better solutions for you.


With technology, conditions and regulations constantly changing, hydraulic systems require re-engineering and adjusting to keep up with the ever-changing landscape. With alterations and features such as superior heat control, boosting efficiency and lower operating costs, your machinery will be improved not only from an operational standpoint but also an efficiency one as well.

If you notice any signs your hydraulic system needs an assessment, talk to Statewide Hydraulics specialists as soon as possible on (03) 9460 2377 to receive professional advice and service.

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