Statewide Hydraulics provides thorough servicing and maintenance options for various types of hydraulic and hydraulically-operated equipment. We take extra care with every job, and our servicing often includes a professional inspection of the entire machine or unit – not just the hydraulic system within. At the end of the day, our number one goal is to ensure we help to extend the life of your machinery and minimise downtimes for your project.

Many of our condition monitoring and servicing jobs are conducted on critical equipment, such as food machinery, waste equipment, continuous process equipment, lifting and haulage equipment. Naturally, these types of machinery need to be maintained in top condition (particularly for OH&S, productivity and reliability reasons). Our technicians are trusted to deliver reliable, quality solutions that ensure everything is considered in the process – not just the problem area. You can be sure that your equipment will be fully safe and operational after we’ve serviced it.

We offer equipment servicing on:

  • Industrial plant and equipment;
  • Transport systems and vehicles;
  • Hose burst valves and systems;
  • Construction equipment;
  • Height and slew limiters; and
  • Vehicle-mounted cranes (including annual, 7 and 10-year inspections).

We carry out servicing and maintenance jobs on all types of hydraulic machinery. When you book to service your machinery with us, you’ll also be given the option of onsite service from our qualified team of engineers, or service within our workshop in Melbourne.


Did you know that the number one reason why hydraulic components fail is due to oil contamination?

Servicing your hydraulic systems is essential. Without consistent, scheduled maintenance, your machinery will break down more frequently. Unfortunately, this simply means more overall downtime and higher repair costs, causing major inconveniences and proving very costly for your project or business in the long run. Luckily, this is easily avoidable with our professional servicing and maintenance options. Don’t wait until your system stops working – save yourself time and money by keeping your machinery in good condition at all times.

If your machinery is due for hydraulic servicing or you’d like to find out more, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our hydraulic engineering team on (03) 9460 2377 today.

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