Transmission boxes (or gearboxes) are used to change the speed and torque of a rotating shaft according to a variety of applications and load conditions.

Gearboxes change the engine speed into low-speed high torque, or high-speed low torque when required. Gearboxes are widely used in hydraulic systems and there are many different types specified for different applications.

At Statewide Hydraulics, we supply and service all hydraulic gearboxes brands. In fact, we use and recommend Brevini gearboxes. To explore a larger range of gearbox options and professional advice on the best unit for you, you can simply get in touch us today. We also offer gearbox repairs and replacements.


Planetary Industrial Gearboxes

Brevini’s industrial planetary gearboxes are reliable, high-performance gearboxes that are available in a range of sizes to ensure optimum performance for all types of applications. They’re also available in both male and female shaft configurations – with the male configuration being able to withstand strong radial or axial loads. With both right-angle and in-line options, the planetary industrial gearboxes require low-maintenance and are simple to install.


Planetary Mobile Gearboxes

The compact design of brevini’s planetary mobile gearboxes allows them to drive large radial load capacities without any additional reinforcement. With both track (up to 170,000 Nm and 16 – 198 ratios) and wheel drives (up to 10,000 Nm and 8.33 – 49.5 ratios), the range of planetary mobile gearboxes gives the use high ratios to reduce the size of the motor displacement.


Combination Gearboxes

Combination gearboxes are specialised unit’s that are ideal for high torque applications. They use a combination of planetary and bevel helical gears giving them the best of both worlds when it comes to the strength of each technology. Combination gearboxes are reliable, compact and guarantee high performance, longer usage and silence.

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