We stock a wide range of winch products in various recovery & lifting configurations and are able to cover just about any application requiring the use of winches. Compact, robust and built to last, these winches are designed for use in the toughest environments.


Planetary Winch Drives

Allowing for many different types of applications, Brevini winches are compact and easy to install. These units are high-quality, providing a high level of hydraulic and mechanical efficiency.

All units have hydraulic motors (either axial piston or orbital style) totally integrated into the winch drum, together with a planetary design reduction unit, which is housed in the drum. Line pull capabilities for Brevini winches are in the range of 0.6 kN to 66 kN.

We use and recommend Brevini winches. To learn more about which winches are most appropriate for your application, give our experienced engineers a call today.



Brevini Winches

It holds an extensive stock of gear modules from the Brevini Power Transmission group of manufacturers. To this, we add value through Australian design and manufacture of housing, shafts and bearings, as well as design and manufacture of full systems, including turn-key projects; we put ourselves forward as a one-stop source for power transmission solutions. We provide Planetary Gearboxes as Shaft mounted planetary gears, Foot mounted planetary gears, Flange mounted planetary gears, and Planetary gears for slewing drives Planetary winch drives Planetary reduction gear units, with rotating outer casing, designed to be fitted into the winch drum. On the input side, they are equipped with a multidisc fail-safe brake. These winch drives give the freedom to design the rope drum and frame of any size and to incorporate any special features required. The driving motors, electrical or hydraulic, are fitted on the input side through the Brevini universal flange system. We use, supply and recommend Brevini Winches. The range covers: Brevini Winches, Pullmaster Winches and Custom Made Winches.



Pullmaster Planetary Winches

Featuring an automatic disc brake that has both static and dynamic brake functions, the Pullmaster planetary winches are available in a few basic types. These types include equal speed in both directions, rapid reverse, free fall and recovery winches. A counterbalance or brake valve is not needed for smooth and positive control of a decelerating load.

To learn more about which Pullmaster planetary winches are most appropriate for your application, give our experienced engineers a call today.



Custom-Made Winches

Manufactured through Brevini, custom-made winches provide our customers with unique solutions designed for ultimate reliability and long service life. All units feature an innovative design and are made using the highest quality materials. Custom made winches can be equipped with hydraulic motors. Options available include motor controls, rotary limit switches, clutches, cable tensioners, grooved drums and various marine survey certifications.

To learn more about your options with our custom-made winches, give our experienced engineers a call today.

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