It’s a common misconception that hydraulic cylinder repairs are quick and easy. In reality, only basic repairs are simple to complete. And although a basic repair will return hydraulic cylinders to average working order, a full restoration cannot be completed without a highly specialised understanding of what is required to bring the unit back to full reliability.

This is where Statewide Hydraulics comes in. Our service team fully qualified in the field of hydraulic engineering, so we have a strong understanding of how each hydraulic component works. We repair most types of hydraulic cylinders, taking into account the cylinder type, the duty cycle, and the environment in which they work.

We offer a few different hydraulic cylinder repair services, including:

  • Re-rodding
  • Chroming
  • Honing of barrels
  • Bench testing of all cylinders and components prior to dispatch.

We also supply and distribute many types of cylinders, including standard Australian Agi-Cyclis, NFPA, and standard DIN – all of which our team utilises and recommends. Alternatively, you can work with us to create custom cylinders that will meet your specific needs.

All our services are delivered by our qualified service team with strict adherence to, and compliance with, quality standards and OH&S guidelines.


There are several warning signs your hydraulic cylinder needs immediate and urgent repair to avoid costly downtimes – or worse, dangerous OH&S risks. Some of these signs include:

  • The cylinder appears to be leaking. A leakage is never a good sign when it comes to hydraulic machinery. If you notice dampness on the piston rod, it could be an indication that the seal on your cylinder rod gland has been worn down. If this is the case, the gland needs to be replaced entirely.
  • The actuator is noticeably slower. Noticing a loss of power in your hydraulic cylinder? This can be caused by a range of defects – such as inner damage or leakages – so it’s important to get it inspected and repaired as soon as possible. Avoid compensating for the cylinder’s poor performance by increasing power levels, as this can lead to total failure of the unit.
  • The cylinder isn’t moving smoothly. As the cylinder extends, pay attention to its movement. It should be moving in a smooth, slick and consistent manner. If it’s jerky or inconsistent (also known as ‘juddering’), this may be a sign that the seals are worn down – or worse, the piston rod is bent.

If you’ve noticed any of the signs your hydraulic cylinder needs repairing, then get in touch with the Statewide Hydraulics engineering team on (03) 9460 2377 for fast and professional onsite repairs.

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